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Menorca Airport Informational Guide to Menorca Airport - Mahon Airport (MAH) - Non Official

Menorca Airport Parking

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Menorca Airport Parking provides the best service at the most competitive prices. Passengers parking at Menorca Airport have a choice of two parking areas depending on the duration of their stay.


Menorca Airport parking lots are located directly outside the main terminal building, within a quick walking distance to the building and all airport facilities.

Parking lots

The short-term parking, known as P1, is the best option for those stays of less than 4 days; on the other hand, the long-stay car park at Menorca Airport is the perfect option for longer stays and is known as P2.

There is another parking for hired cars. If you want to hire a car, see the menorca airport car hire options here.

See more information about parking options at Menorca Airport:

Parking at Minorca Airport


The short-stay car park, also known as General Car Park P1, has 690 spaces for private vehicles available. It is located just in front of the main terminal building.

Applicable parking rates

- 1st minute: € 0,426992
- Minute 2 to 30: € 0,014724 / min
- From minute 31: € 0,027652 / min

Daily maximum up to four days

- € 14.50 (high season)
- € 11.50 (low season)

Maximum daily from the fifth day

- € 11.50 (high season)
- € 9.10 (low season)

High season: From April 1 to October 31.

Low season: From November 1 to March 31.

Long-stay car park

The long-stay car park at Minorca Airport, also known as General Car Park P2, is located near the terminal, and is located in modern building with three floors.

The long term parking is the best option to these passengers that leave the car for more than four days.

Applicable rates

For the first four days

- € 14.05 (high season)
- € 11.20 (low season)

From the fifth day

- € 5.75 per day

The price for the first four days is the same in the two parks.

High season: From April 1 to October 31.

Low season: From November 1 to March 31.

Express Parking

The fast and efficient parking service in Menorca Airport.

It has capacity for just 40 vehicles.

See below the parking rates:


First 15 minutes are for free.
For the first minute: € 1.0450.

- Minute 2 to 30: € 0.043581 per minute
- Minute 31 to 60: € 0.077301 per minute
- From minute 61: € 0.0123681 per minute

Daily maximum fare: € 60.00

How to get there?

For those passengers or tourists driving and parking their own vehicles at Menorca Airport will be easy to get there.

There is a road to access to Menorca Airport called Me-12, which connects with the main road of the Island, called Me-1, connecting Ciutadella and Mahon.

Anyway, the roads are well indicated and get to Menorca Airport should be easy.