Passenger Services at Menorca Airport

Menorca airport provides various services to all passengers that request them.


Passengers with special needs

Passenger with disabilities or special needs can request assistance at Menorca airport. It is recommended to do it, at least, 48 hours previously to arrive at the airport. It is also necessary to inform to the airline about the assistance required for the passenger with special needs.
Phone: 902 40 47 04 / (+34) 913.211.000.



Servired (La Caixa)
Location: Level 0
Phone: 971 36 97 20



free and unlimited Wi-Fi access. For more information, please, call: 902 19 57 88


Information Points

Level 0: Tourist information of the Consell Insular of Menorca Phone: 971 157 115

Level 1: General information. Phone: 902 40 47 04 / (+34) 913 211 000

Level 2: Acciona, Iberia Phone: 971 15 72 18


Police and Guardia Civil

Police: Level 0
Guardia Civil: Level 2


Medical Care Assistance

There are two defibrillators located in Menorca airport.
- Level 1 - Check-in

- Level 2 - Boarding area



Phone: 971.352.614
Hours: Open from 9 am to 9 pm



There are two areas at Menorca airport designed for the little ones at home.

These are located:

- Level 2: children’s play area

- Level 1: children’s room


Other Services

Apart of these services, in Menorca airport there are as well various shops, a duty free area and various bars/cafés.


Car rental service at Menorca airport is also available. The desks of the car rental agencies are located in level 0 of the airport.


For passengers that smoke, there are two smoking areas at Menorca airport, in the departures area.