Menorca Airport (MAH) or Mahon Airport

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Menorca Airport (IATA: MAH, ICAO: LEMH) or Mahon Airport is the airport of the Balearic Island of Menorca or Minorca. The airport is located 4.5 km southwest of the island's capital, Mahon.
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It lies within the city limits of Mahon and Sant Lluís. It is the unique airport of Menorca and is 47 km far from Ciutadella. Menorca is one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to Spain. It is the most wildness and the one situated more at north. In 1993, Minorca was designated by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, due the great Mediterranean landscapes and the animal and
plant especies found exclusively on the island, some of which are in danger of extinction.Minorca Airport is primarily a tourist airport with a large number of charter flights, especially during the months of summer. Most of the traffic handled by the airport is international comes from different european countries.

Tourism in Menorca

Although Menorca island has only 60kms from east to west and 20kms north to south, there are several activities to do:

- Beaches and natural paradise

- Sports and Adventure / Horse Riding

- Culture and traditions

- Ancestral Monuments


The name of Minorca derives from its size, contrasting it with nearby Majorca.


The island is known for its collection of megalithic stone monuments: navetes, taules and talaiots, which speak of a very early prehistoric human activity.


In addition to the incredible beaches and the beautiful sea of Menorca of a wide range of blue and green colors, the island stands out because of the historic centers of Maó, which is the capital of the island, and of Ciutadella.


Menorca Airport has a single passenger terminal with 16 boarding gates. The building consists of three different levels, on the ground level passengers have access to transportation, on the 1st level there are located the check-in desks and on the 2nd level it is located the security control to have access to the boarding gates. More information



Minorca Airport handles over 3.4 million passengers per year. Between summer season and winter season there are significant differences in terms of passenger traffic. While during the cold months the passengers movement is about 50.000 per month, during summer season can increase up to 500.000. A notorious difference in numbers.


In Menorca there is no train or subway network. The easiest way to get around from the airport is by road. Taxis and cars are the most common vehicles although motorcycles are a good option as well:


- Taxis: From the airport to Maó (the capital in Minorca and the nearest city) should cost around 10 euros. More information


- Bus: All buses run to the bus station in Maó. From there, various buses go to different destinations along Menorca island. More information


- Car: It is one of the best methods to discover Menorca. If you don’t have car in the island, there are various car rental agencies that provide the car rental service in Menorca. Check it here!

Beaches and coves

Beaches and coves are one of the treasures of Menorca, the coast line is formed by series of different beaches. This fact awards it with a great diversity of landscapes and its own personality of each beach. There are beaches for all tastes.


Airport contact information

Address: Ctra. San Clemente s/n 07712 Mahon/Maó, Menorca, SPAIN
Telephone: +34 971 157 049



Lost & Found

Location: Level 0, Arrivals Hall

Phone:+34 971 15 71 08

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