Menorca Airport Terminal

Menorca airport has one main passenger terminal. The building has three different levels: Ground Level, 1st Level and 2nd Level.


- Ground Level: Arrivals. There is one bar, a relax area, a shop with various products as magazines and books, souvenirs, gifts and food. There is as well an information touristic point and the car rental agencies desks. It is located as well the baggage claim area, the police, and there is one ATM. Passengers have access to the ground transportation.


- 1st Level: There are the check-in desks (43 in total), a restaurant/bar/cafeteria, a shop with gifts and souvenirs, a kid’s playroom, a pharmacy, an ATM, and an information point for passengers as well as other airlines information desks.


- 2nd Level: Departures. There is the security control and passport control, a Duty Free store, various shops and restaurants. There is Wi-Fi access, a smoking area, and a children’s playroom. The terminal has 16 boarding gates.


Menorca airport has seasonal flights. During the spring and, above all, during the summer months, the passenger traffic increases a lot compared with autumn and winter.

Most of the passengers that travels to Menorca airport to visit the Balearic Island are international but the national number of passengers is also high. In fact, the most important connections from Menorca airport are the following destinations: Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Madrid.


In front of the airport there are various parking areas for: short-term and long term parking as well as a car rental parking area and a parking for buses.



Airlines that operate at Menorca airport:

- Air Europa - Phone: 902.401.501

- Air Nostrum - Phone: 901.111.500

- Monarch Airlines - Phone: 800.099.260

- Ryanair - Phone: 0044.871.246 0011

- Vueling - Phone: 902.808.005